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Managing life can feel like a complete chore sometimes. There are days you want to just stay in bed.  You’re uncomfortable– sometimes dramatic and explosive– and just as frustrated with your reactions as the people around you. 

Other days, you’re feeling pretty okay. You don’t feel stressed or down all the time, but sometimes when you recognize life is going well you start to spiral and think of ways you don’t measure up to your own impossible standards. 

You have this unhealthy habit that leads you down a path where you begin to believe your negative thoughts, rather than having a more balanced view of a situation

It’s an exhausting habit and an unhelpful one.

Asking for help when dealing with difficult thoughts, emotions and behaviors takes great courage.  As your psychotherapist, I will offer you support, guidance and tools necessary to experience relief from suffering – and empower you to achieve your full potential.

In my work, I hope to provide you with the validation you deserve to help challenge you to achieve your goals and to provide you with valuable recommendations that will support you in thriving professionally, socially and emotionally throughout your life.

Once we put therapy and self-care to work we understand how to validate our own emotional experiences. When we feel tired, instead of saying to yourself, “you don’t deserve to rest" you automatically think, “I’m a human being, human beings get tired, I will take a nap." Being easier on yourself makes it much easier to function and achieve your goals. Your mood is a lot better now that you’re being kind to yourself and not spiraling out of control on a whim.

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