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Medicine Assisted Psychotherapy

Your mind is sometimes so cluttered and resistant that it keeps hitting this roadblock, “What’s the point, I’m unfixable!” If something goes wrong you convince yourself that you’re  hopeless and you’ll never be successful. You can be extremely critical of yourself and a perfectionist to a fault. Your thoughts can get negative and before you know it, your paralyzed and feel like you can do nothing but retreat to your bed and wallow.  

Sometimes that critical and mean voice from childhood shows up in your head—or– you have these flash memories of people putting you down or ignoring you.  A sense of shame floods you and it can be so overwhelming you wish you could disappear. Maybe you have even thought about ending it. 

Life doesn’t have to be this chaotic.

Now, with the combination of Medicine Assisted Psychotherapy (MAP) and integration sessions using insight-oriented therapy and mindfulness with DBT Skills, you begin to realize that negative thoughts were not only untrue, but, not even needed. 

The doctors guiding your Medicine treatments will keep reminding you that your brain is increasingly plastic and moldable during Ketamine.  This is called neuroplasticity and it describes how experiences can reorganize neural pathways in the brain. 

 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Medicine Assisted Psychotherapy work well in  combination- they feel like pieces of a puzzle that fit wonderfully together. Medicine helps you change your awareness and feel good enough to dedicate time and energy on mindfulness and practicing dialectics. Noticing the changes in your mood and consciousness increases motivation to practice DBT skills whenever possible and participate in group.


How Do I Start Medicine Assisted Psychotherapy?  

During this initial intake appointment Dr. Giles and Dr. Raphaeli complete a thorough medical history and physical with a psychological interview.   We will discuss symptoms and outline goals for treatment. You will also complete a battery of self-report mood and symptom scales to help us track your progress through the course of treatment. 

In our first meeting we will answer all the questions you have and explain the neurological and antidepressant effect of Ketamine on your neurotransmitters.  We’ll talk all about what you can expect during your treatment and we’ll create a customized treatment plan. Treatment looks a little different for everyone and it may change once we begin, but in our first session we’ll create the roadmap.  

First Medicine session: 

It’s common to be nervous for your first session. We make sure you are supported and as comfortable as possible using ambient music, warm blankets, and peaceful images or an eye mask. You will be assisted throughout your therapeutic Medicine journey by your psychotherapist and the MAP method. 

Medicine assisted psychotherapy sessions typically last two hours. Part of the time is integrating what occurred and resting and reenergizing yourself before you leave for home. Having body work done soon after Ketamine treatments helps to further integrate the experience. After the first treatment you will follow your individual protocol and modify as needed. 


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